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Strength and Conditioning

Posture Assessment and Corrective Exercise


Tutor for Level 2 Certificate In Fitness Instructing & Level 3 Certificate In Personal Training

Why did you start working in the fitness industry?

I loved sport at school.  I had an activity every lunchtime and after school and matches on weekends – from trampolining (!), swimming, hockey, netball, tennis – all of the usual suspects!  I wanted a career that allowed me to remain part of that community.

Why did you decide to become a tutor?

After completing my Sports Rehabilitation Degree I wanted to learn more about exercise rehab and movement so started instructor training with the APPI and took up Pilates myself.  After completing all of my training the APPI approached me to assist on their courses and in time I became a lead tutor.  I really enjoy the learning environment, our industry is always changing, there is always new research and tutoring helps me pass on my experience and also keeps me on my toes to make sure I am up to date

Do you exercise yourself?

Yes! It’s where my passion started and it keeps me sane!  I do a variety of different sports now compared to what I used to but I think that is because our lives change, what we enjoy may change and also what we have time for changes!  I love swimming but only when I can go and the pool is quiet!  I took up road cycling around 4 years ago which I love – especially in Yorkshire!  Strength training is still at the core as is Pilates and yoga based movements – I believe it is essential to practice all movement with good technique and keep a balance between high energy training and recovery.

What is your advice to someone starting out in the industry?

The fitness industry is huge and ever changing.  Learn the basics but remember that is only the start, never stop learning – even when you are teaching!  Find what you enjoy, accept that change happens, update what you do and remember what impact you can have on your own health and life as well as so many others around you.

What is the best thing about working in the fitness industry?
It is a great community, people are there to help others and being fit and healthy can change lives.  Being part of that is special. No two days are the same so it keeps things interesting plus I meet some awesome people
What is the best trait a Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer should have?

Knowledge and social skills. It is key to be able to read each client and determine what communication style works best for them.  You must always have the knowledge to back up what you are doing – having the chat only goes so far!

Likes and dislikes?

Likes – Being outside – big open spaces and fresh air! I also love music- it can make me chilled, feel like I rule the world and even make me run faster!
Dislikes – Sitting at a desk for too long (as I sit typing this late on a Friday afternoon!).  Moving into management has it’s challenges with being at a laptop or PC much more.  Trying out a standing desk which is a bit more fun!

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